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 Hair extensions vs. Hair Wefts – What’s best for you?

It’s actually really simple and for only a few reasons you can immediately see why for yourself.

Most importantly - wefts last much longer than single extensions.

Extensions can last from 6 weeks to 6 months. My wefts usually last from 12 to 24 months! (Like extensions though, the time they last is determined by the quality of what you buy, how it is installed and how it is maintained)

Secondly - a weft (and some people have several) has far more hair in it than a set of extensions - you get better value for money.

For that instant boost to your self-esteem, you want quality hair that is natural and gives you an instant result! To have the same benefit of a weft you need upwards of 40 hair extensions!

Third - it damages your hair less as the weight is distributed across your head rather than attaching to a few hairs

Finally - THE RESULT, just look at these photos 

Dealing with me, you are dealing with the wholesaler and retailer in one – no middlemen. The savings are passed to you. I have tried to keep my costs to a minimum so that people like you and I can afford to have great hair.


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