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EuropeanHair.com.au  is European Hair Inc. manufacturer's official supplier in Australia.





























Hair wefts are attached using small tubes which have a silicon lining to protect your hair and keep damage to a minimum. Once the tubes have been attached the weft is sewn onto the tubes and in an instant you have the hair you have always dreamed of. The wefts have to be moved up every 2 months or so, as your own hair grows. Leaving them longer than this, can cause damage to your natural hair.

My wefts, if cared for properly, will usually last from 12 and up to 24 months.


My personal installations are unique to me, I DONT glue your hair in as that destroys your natural hair (you have to cut your normal hair in such installations to remove the weft) and is extremely uncomfortable, I DONT fix it via corn weaves as that destroys and weakens your natural European hair causing long term problems. My installation process produces far less stress on your natural hair and completely minimises loss of hair upon reinstallation. Call me for a quote on 0419 747 336.

Wefts can be worn by anybody, people who want to increase volume or lengthen their hair.  Wefts can also be used for people with certain types of alopecia.  You could ring me to discuss this further.

For that instant boost to your self-esteem, you need quality hair that is natural and gives you an instant result.

Dealing with me, you are dealing with the wholesaler and retailer in one – no middlemen.

The savings are passed to you. I have tried to keep my costs to a minimum so that people like you and I can afford to have great hair.














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