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Hair Wefts are like a contiguous hair extension. Rather than individual extensions which are attached to your own hair, wefts are made to fit the individual, so the hair width, colour and length are matched to suit the client and their hair type.

Rather than have “dozens” of extensions put in, a single weft can give you the look you want – thicker hair or longer hair!


All my hair wefts are individually selected and hand made using 100% European human hair, of the best quality.

Over 90% of my hair is sourced in Europe and occasionally I buy locally, hence the name European Hair Wefts.

Many hairpieces or extensions utilise synthetic or Chinese hair, which is much cheaper and doesn’t give the required results i.e. a weft from me, is about hair that looks natural, is beautiful and can make you feel great about yourself!

 I have personally tried just about every product on the market when it comes to hair extensions. Having suffered with hair loss for years, I was finally diagnosed by Professor Rodney Sinclair and prescribed medication. I found that my hair loss has stopped and the medication has worked wonders. However, my hair had become very thin and fine which was hard to style and eventually, to increase my confidence, I sought out and tried different alternatives on the market.

I tried single hair extensions, however I found my hair becoming even more damaged and thinner because of the glues used to attach the hair extensions, let alone the damage caused by the removal of the extensions. Hair quality was also very poor. That’s why I spent the time researching and learning about alternatives available elsewhere in the world.

To me there is no other option but a hair weft if you want a quality look and feel.


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