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My European Hair Wefts are a continuous hair extension, which I hand make from 100% human virgin hair, i.e. uncoloured or untreated hair of the best European quality. I don’t use (even if specifically requested)  cheaper Chinese, Indian, Remy or Synthetic alternatives because they don’t look real and don’t last – that hair is cheaper for a reason!

You can have you Hair Wefts attached in several ways; I only promote 2 alternatives after personally experiencing and assessing the other options.

Hair Wefts are attached to your own hair and if looked after properly will last up to 2 years! Unlike extensions you treat a Weft as an extension of your own hair.  Critical to how successful a Weft is - are based on how you look after the Weft AND how well your hairdresser attaches it (if not undertaken by me personally).


       Wash and condition hair with a good shampoo, no shampoo or conditioners containing silicon can be used at all. Use a conditioning treatment every week or two if possible, this will help your own hair and the weft.

       Blow wave as usual but I highly recommend that you use a protective product on the hair i.e. for heat protection especially important when using a hair straightener.

        Do not brush or comb over the weft attachment area in a rough or aggressive way. Be gentle and take  your time when styling your hair. Comb hair from the bottom when wet and gently work your way up, do not pull or tug roughly as this will damage your hair and possibly the weft.

       Have your weft refitted every 6 to 8 weeks, usually just before/during your next Hair Dressing appointment is a good time.

       Do not colour your weft. The hair used to make the weft is a beautiful uncoloured hair – wherever possible I have selected hair that matches your desired colour. If you want to change the colour, talk to me first, and I can advise you.

 Be sensible and take a little extra time, treat your new hair with respect, but most of all - enjoy and have fun with your great new look.


All care will be taken in the sourcing and manufacture of your Weft however we do not take responsibility for mistreatment of wefts after it has been supplied. If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair you should have a professional assessment of your Hair replacement options before installing either extensions or wefts. 

It is your responsibility to take care of the weft, ensure any 3rd party installation is undertaken correctly and to assess your own hair regularly.














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