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EuropeanHair.com.au  is European Hair Inc. manufacturer's official supplier in Australia.






























We purchase hair if it is properly cut and maintained, a ponytail has to be at least 10" long on average (just some pieces 10" long is not sufficient.

Hair must be tied together at the root or cut end. NO hair can be reversed. Hair picked up off a hairdressers floor is of no use as it will have hairs of different types or may be incorrectly attached. Hair has only one direction, if one hair is placed in a ponytail and it is upside down - it will attach itself to the other hairs and become a tangled mess so we only purchase hair if its been professionally cut and immediately tied off.


We pay based on weight and length as well as quality. Single ponytails prices range from $75.00 for shorter thin dark hair to over $300.00 for longer thick blonde hair. Dyed hair is not paid at same rates however as it damages the hair.


If you have some hair and want to have it cut - we can give you an indicative quote based on price / length / colour.


CALL ME ON 0419 747 336 OR EMAIL ME ON   jg@europeanhair.com.au














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