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We import ONLY European Virgin Hair exclusively for our clients.


Our extensions and wefts are amongst the best in the world, we do not sell REMY hair - it is not quality, REMY is asian hair that is factory processed by bleaching, cuticle stripping and then dipped in silicone to make them look glossy - they dont last. 

They are cheap for a reason.


Our extensions and wefts are 100% natural and are not bleached or dyed. We provide only european hair as the hair type is critical to the long term success and useability of the extensions and how good you CAN look.


Tired of matting hair, having to lose more hair because the glue has weakened or damaged your normal hair? - then this is the website for you.

Please read on or call Jane direct on 0419 747 336 or email her on




These wefts are typical of what you can achieve with natural hair, our clients include Australian Radio, media and other high profile personalities who cannot afford to look anything but their best. You would be surprised at the number of people who are wearing wefts as they are completely natural and undetectable when fitted. Wefts are the most affordable long lasting hair extension on the market. Value for money wefts can't be compared to any other hair extensions available.



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